One Simple Trick to Stop a Meltdown Fast

We recently took a family trip to the historic city of Boston over a long weekend. If you are a parent of a child with autism or sensory needs (or really just any parent) then you know how stressful travelling can be. We drove the 7 hours there in one straight shot with a few … Read more

The Best Sensory Smart Tips for Better Sleep in Kids

The Best Sensory Smart Sleep Tips for Better Sleep in Kids

Every parent knows that sleep is GOLD, for you and your child. Without it, no amount of lavender oil or extra bold coffee can get you through the emotional roller coasters and meltdowns due to lack of sleep. If you have a child with Autism, ADHD, or who struggles with sensory processing issues, then you … Read more

How to Make a Calm Down Kit for Emotional Regulation in Kids

How to make a calm down kit for emotional regulation in kids

Do you have a child who struggles with self-regulation? Have you been looking for some tools and strategies to use to help your anxious or angry child calm down? Are you looking for some ideas on what to include in a calm down kit for kids? This printable list of 25+ items to put in … Read more

4 Parenting Mistakes That Make Back Talking and Bad Behavior Worse

The bad attitude was apparent the moment he stepped off the school bus… my six year old looked mad. He walked right past me without saying a word and pushed his 4 year old sister into a snow bank. What the…? As we made our way into the house, I tried to connect by showing … Read more

Simplicity: Learning the Art of Letting Go

Woman jumping into air with sunset in the background

I recently came across some staggering statistics in a book and was literally shocked by what I read. Of the nearly 6 billion people on Earth, did you know that 1.2 billion people live on about twenty-three cents a day?! And the wealthiest 1 billion individuals survive on roughly seventy dollars a day. What does … Read more

How to Finally End Battles with Your Child

How to Finally End Battles With Your Child

Parenting is definitely physically exhausting. Sleepless nights, carrying around infants in bucket seats or toddlers who refuse to walk, wrestling screaming children into their carseats after a huge meltdown in the mall, coaching sports games, and eventually staying up all night waiting for your teenager to come home!  All of this I was prepared for…well, … Read more

The Most Important 15 Minutes of Your Child’s Day (Are You Wasting Them?)

The 15 most important minutes in your child's day

Today, I was lucky enough to get to cuddle a squishy, adorable, and very brand new baby. I was at a Mom’s group that I attend every week at my church, and a new Mom who recently delivered walked in the door. I immediately offered to hold her baby for a while so she could … Read more

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